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National coffee maker

ESTD. 2016

Señor K is a Chilean specialty coffee project that seeks to value the
work of coffee-growing families from all over the world getting into their lives and importing their green beans directly from more than 10 origins around the world
world, grains that are roasted day by day in our plant located in Santiago according to their own characteristics of origin to highlight all the flavor of the land they come from. We developed a conscious coffee model that
puts sustainability at the center of the entire chain, paying fair prices
and directly to the coffee grower and at the same time we created the first line of compostable coffee containers so as not to leave a mark, only unique moments. 1% of our sales go to the Coffee Kids NGO that is in charge of empowering the new generations of coffee growers with whom we have been working for 4 years.



Roasted in Chile

We roast day by day in a Diedrich IR-12 to guarantee the maximum freshness of your coffee, each bean is roasted according to its physical characteristics and origin.

You our barista!

Our customers are the most important thing in this chain! They are the ones who complete the life cycle of our specialty grains, forming a sustainable and enriching cycle for everyone! We invite you to prepare each of our varieties in the stipulated measures and feel the flavor of the land that was cultivated by the hands of people who love coffee.

Who is Mr K?

We met Mr. K in the center of Santiago one summer of 1999. A genuine, eccentric and slightly crazy guy. The passion for coffee connected us, generating a great friendship for a couple of years. He dedicated a large part of his life to traveling the world in search of the best coffee beans, with the aim of developing the industry in Chile. Some of his trips were to Peru, Colombia, Ethiopia and India, where he was instructed in the extraction and roasting processes at a time when there was not much information on the subject. After his passing in 2001, we decided to continue his legacy and his dream. The memory of his endless stories, trips and adventures motivate us every day to carry out this project in his honor and his name.